Email whitelisting instructions

Email whitelisting instructions

Email systems have greatly improved their spam filtering capabilities over the years, but even the best systems sometimes mistakenly flag non-spam messages.

In order to ensure that you receive Inspectioneering's emails, it is best to add us to your address book or "whitelist" us. This article provides whitelisting instructions for both individuals and corporate IT departments.

For Individuals

In general, most email software utilizes some variant of an address book, contact list, or safe sender list. You can whitelist Inspectioneering emails by adding to your software's respective list.

Additionally, we recommend that you periodically check your email software's spam/junk email folder to find any emails sent from Inspectioneering and mark them as "Not spam".

For IT Departments

The vast majority of emails sent from Inspectioneering come from the following email address: online@inspectioneering.comPlease ensure that your security software or spam filter have whitelisted this email address.
A note on privacy and spam: we care about the privacy of our users and we do not believe in spamming emails. We require users to opt in to our email newsletters and campaigns, and we follow international privacy regulations such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR.