Navigating and attending online courses

Navigating and attending online courses


Inspectioneering Academy courses are housed on our learning platform, which means you can attend at any time. The training material for these courses is published inside the course itself, and the platform will track your progress as you go through the course. Once you enter the course, you may see an Overview page before reaching the course player, or you may simply be directed to the course player, depending on course-specific settings settings.

When attending e-learning courses, your progress is tracked, so that you can stop the course and resume it at any time. For proper tracking, configure your browser not to block pop-ups, and avoid incognito windows.

The Course Player Page

On the course page, the course player is placed at the top and the list of all of the training materials composing it is located on the right side. The description of the currently selected training material is shown under the course player.

To start your course, either press the Start Learning Now button or select a training material from the list, then press the button in the middle of the player to play it. If you have already started the course, click on Resume Where You Left Off to restart the course from where you left previously. As you play the first learning object, your progress will be tracked on top of the training material list.

In the list of training material, press Previous or Next to move from one learning object to the other, in historical order, or click on the training material title to switch freely. When a training material is completed, it will be identified with a green checkmark while an orange checkmark shows that the learning object is still in progress and has to be completed.

Press the arrows icon in the top right corner of the player to enter into fullscreen mode and the panel button in the top right corner to show or hide the list of training materials. The Get Shareable Link button allows you to copy either the course link or the link of the training material that you’re viewing so that you can share it with other users. Use the Add to Playlist button to add the course to an existing playlist or to a new playlist.

The Overview Page

If the overview page is active for a course, you will see this page before accessing the course player page. The overview page includes the course’s thumbnail and other course details. Press the Start Learning Now button to access the course player or click on any chapter in the Content tab.

The Content tab shows a list of all of the content within the course, as well as the type of each learning object. Click on the learning object’s title to be redirected to the course player page where the learning object will immediately begin playing.

Training Material

All of the available training material within the course is listed in the table of contents on the right of the course player page. Training materials are marked with a symbol:
  1. A padlock indicates that in order to start this learning object, you must complete the previous one.
  2. A grey checkmark indicates that you have not started this learning object yet.
  3. A yellow checkmark indicates that you have started but not completed this learning object.
  4. A green checkmark indicates that you have completed this learning object.
A course can be made up of different kinds of training material: texts, images, audio files, videos, games, presentations, surveys, tests, assignments, or HTML pages. Please note that when you’ve finished a learning object, you need to close the course player before the browser in order to ensure that the learning object is accurately marked as completed.

A course is considered as finished when all of the training materials are completed. Once finished, the course is marked as Done.