Reasons for rejection of Inspectioneering Journal article submissions

Reasons for rejection of Inspectioneering Journal article submissions

Articles submitted for publication in Inspectioneering Journal go through a standardized editorial review process in which our editors determine whether or not the article meets our Publishing Guidelines. In some cases, we may decide to reject article submissions for a number of reasons.

Common Article Rejection Reasons

The article does not meet Inspectioneering Journal subject matter requirements or is not deemed suitable for our audience.

  1. Articles submitted for publication should address "asset integrity issues" in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power & utility, pulp & paper, metals & mining, and/or nuclear industries.
  2. Articles should be directed at engineering, inspection, reliability, maintenance and/or management professionals from owner-operating companies in the aforementioned industries.
  3. Subject matter covered in articles should be comprehensible and understandable to Inspectioneering’s audience. Readers should be able to draw direct conclusions based on the article’s content.

The article is deemed to be too commercial, promotional, or biased.

  1. Articles should not contain blatant advertising or promotion of specific products or services.
  2. When demonstrating the benefits of a particular product or technology, articles should also address the limitations.

The article contains misleading, false, or outdated information.

  1. Articles should always use the latest versions of cited references, including codes and standards.
  2. Articles should inform readers on the current state of a given topic, taking into account recent improvements, findings, and developments to the topic.

The article has been previously published or is deemed to contain plagiarism.

  1. Articles should not contain any elements that are suspected to be plagiarized.
  2. In general, submissions should be original articles intended for publication only with Inspectioneering. In limited cases, we may choose to republish articles in which the author has acquired permission and a release from the prior publishing party. Refer to the License and Release section of our Publishing Guidelines for more information.

The article is incomplete or not ready to be reviewed by our editors.

  1. Articles should be written using native English language.
  2. In cases where articles present novel concepts or unique takes on existing concepts, authors should provide ample supporting context to clearly convey the message to readers.
  3. All figures, charts, graphs, tables, and formulas should be complete and clear enough to read and interpret.
  4. Articles should conform to The Inspectioneering Style Guide.
  5. Articles should not contain any special document formatting or features that may impede our review process. Examples include document watermarks, multi-column layouts, or distracting fonts or spacing. We recommend that you submit your article using our Microsoft Word article template to avoid these issues.

Article Resubmission

When your article is rejected from being published in Inspectioneering Journal, our editorial team will notify you of the specific reason(s) we did not accept the article. You may choose to resubmit a modified or rewritten version of the article at a later date, taking into account the appropriate remedies for why your article was initially rejected.

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