Webinar Participation Eligibility for API Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours

Webinar Participation Eligibility for API Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours

By attending certain Inspectioneering webinars, you may be eligible for one or more API Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Please read API's guidance document (Recertification Requirements: Continuing Professional Development Hours) for a full understanding of the eligibility requirements. Specific to webinars, the guidance document states the following (as of April 13, 2022):
Certificants may watch webinars on Industry Related Topics and receive CPD hours for the duration of the webinar. The webinar must be a minimum of 50 minutes to be granted 1 CPD hour.

Verification for Webinars:

Certificants will provide ICP with proof of registration for the webinar.

Certificants may not complete the same webinar for two different recertification periods.

Certificates of completion (live webinars)

We issue certificates of attendance within one week of the date of a live webinar to all individuals who meet the following conditions:
  1. Registered for the webinar using full name, email address, and other required information. Without this information, the generated certificate may be incorrect.
  2. Attended a live version of the webinar.
  3. Attended the webinar for at least 50 minutes per API's guidelines noted above.
If you met these conditions but did not receive a certificate of completion, please do the following:
  1. Check your email spam/junk folder. Certificate emails may sometimes be incorrectly flagged as spam.
  2. Check any other email addresses that you may have registered for the webinar with. Certificates are sent to the email address that was originally used during registration.
  3. Submit a ticket and a member of our team will follow up.
At this time, Inspectioneering does not issue certificates of completion to individuals who attend live webinars via phone, or while using another individual's access credentials.

Certificates of completion (on-demand webinars)

Inspectioneering hosts numerous on-demand webinars on the Video Archive section of our website. Many of these webinar replays are eligible for certificates of completion, based on the following rules:
  1. Corporate membership users are able to receive certificates of completion from the last 12 months of webinar replays.
  2. Individual subscribers (Print + Online and Online Access) are able to receive certificates of completion from the last 6 months of webinar replays.
  3. Registered users (those without either of the above subscriptions) are able to receive certificates of completion from the last 3 months of webinar replays.
In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must watch the entirety of the on-demand webinar. You will receive an email notification when your certificate is available.

You may also find an archive of your past certificates of completion by visiting your Certificate Repository.

Click here to learn more about Inspectioneering's subscription and corporate membership options.
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