Troubleshooting issues with the Inspectioneering Academy training platform

Troubleshooting issues with the Inspectioneering Academy training platform


While the Inspectioneering Academy training platform should almost always run smoothly, occasionally Internet platforms can be a little finicky. Although it is rare for your platform to run into problems, here’s what you can do if you’re experiencing a less-than-ideal experience:

System Requirements

Please ensure that the device you are accessing the platform from is compliant with the system requirements listed here.

Refresh Your Cache

The Inspectioneering Academy should operate without any issues on Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Refreshing your cache for the platform in any of these browsers may solve any issues that you’re experiencing. You should refer to your browser documentation for instructions on how to clear the cache.

Contact Inspectioneering Support

If you’re experiencing issues with the platform, the easiest and quickest way to resolve them is to contact the Inspectioneering Academy support team.

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